Leather Moleskine Notebook Covers

Personalized Moleskine Book Journal & Moleskine Notebook Covers Moleskine covers are great to be used for Journals and notebooks. Moleskin cover gives a new look to your journal and notebooks and makes it attractive from outside. Moleskin covers are perfect for writers, students, artists, official peoples etc. Flixgifts uses full-grain leather to make Moleskine covers that makes it durable. Our Moleskin covers become more beautiful with time. Personalized Moleskine Covers Want to get a personalized Moleskine book journal? Don’t worry, getting a personalized moleskin covers is now easy. Flixgifts offers its customers to personalize moleskin notebooks and journal covers. You can request us to get the moleskin covers embossed or imprinted. We can emboss your name, date, lines or whatever you want to get imprinted on Moleskine notebook cover. If you are a company owner, you can also get your company logo embossed on Moleskine covers. Kindly contact us to get your personalized Moleskine journal covers. Available Sizes of Moleskine Notebook Cover Small: 6.5 × 10.5 cm /2.55 x 4.13 inchPocket: 9 × 14 cm /3.54 x 5.51 inchLarge: 13 × 21 cm / 5.11 x 8.26 inchExtra Large: 19 × 25 cm /7.48 x 9.84 inch Available Colors of Moleskine Notebook Cover You can get Moleskine book journal in various colors. Flixgifts provides Moleskine covers in Black, brown, blue, gray, dark gray and more colors. You can also gift Moleskine notebooks or journals to your friends. They will love getting it. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a Moleskine notebook cover now.

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